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  1. Secrets of 95 mph Delivery
  2. "Exceptional Player...SECRETS OF THE 95mph DELIVERY....
  3. general training info that I think might be of interest
  4. Cues for Going from 32 Frames to 26
  5. Dixon's batspeed secret
  6. More Jim Dixon info
  7. Pitching instruction, roll the dice and take your chances
  8. Weight shift vs rotation........is it hitting or pitching?
  9. Delivering the pitch - relaxed or tensed?
  10. Jim Dixon, way ahead of his time
  11. Jim Dixon, way ahead of his time
  12. 20's 30's 50's 60's 90's
  13. R & R and
  14. Jim Dixon revisted again
  15. Next installment of
  16. Installment 3
  17. "secrets of the 95 mph Delivery" Installment 4
  18. Whip crackers!
  19. The kinetic chain and Dixon?
  20. Everyones a
  21. "Fact vs Fiction" and the continuing quest for the "Holy Grail"
  22. In memory of Jim Dixon....